Tambour is a grooved decorative surfacing material with a range of options ranging from solid woods, real wood veneers and brushed metallics. The grooving provides a unique decorative look as well as allows the panels to have flexibility for ease in designing curves and angels both inwards and outwards.

Specification Details

Solid Wood Tambour: Our tambour is manufactured in 12" or 16" wide nominal sheets with the slat lengths running by the even foot slat length above 36" (Slat lengths can be 3', 4', 5' 6', 7', 8'). We can go taller up to 9', 10', 11', 12' in some wood species at additional costs. Otherwise ask for alternate installation options to avoid seam when height is over 8'. (Example of common panel sizes - 1'x3' or 1'x4' for bar fronts, 1'x8' for wall panels.

Real Wood Veneer Tambours: Our veneer tambours are 5/32" thick, 4'x8' slat length size sheets. The face is real wood and can be finished with normal woodworking techniques, taking care not to allow pooling in the grooves. Generally, spray works best, however brushing will also work. Smooth finish as well as wired brushed (textured) finishes are available. Species available include Red Oak, Maple, White Oak, Wired Brushed Elm, Wire Brushed White Ash, Wire Brushed Red Oak, Wire Brushed White Oak, Wire Brushed Smoke Sycamore, Indian Rosewood, South American Purpleheart, Burmese Teak, African Wire Brushed Wenge, Brushed Aluminum and Brushed Brass.

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