Formica Adhesives

Formica Adhesive products are designed to be used in difficult and demanding applications for many product assembly markets. Their bonds are meant to last the test of time.


F-180 Water Based Contact Adhesive- A premium postformable water base contact adhesive.Product Data Sheet

F-270 Solvent Based Contact Adhesive - A sprayable flammable contact adhesive. High strength and heat resistance. Available in natural and red.
Product Data Sheet


F-270 Contact Adhesive - Canister -A Low VOC, SCAQMD compliant canisterized contact adhesive. It offers an exceptional spray pattern. Available in natural and red.Product Data Sheet

CBA655 13.OZ. Aerosol Can - A Low VOC Aerosol Contact Adhesive. It offers a good spray pattern with an adjustable fan tip. Aerosol only. Available in natural.Product Data Sheet


Formica 522
- A fast setting PVA adhesive that is approved for use for attachment of Formica Ideal Edges. Its fast set allows for use in molding and other vertical applications where reduced or minimal clamping is required.SDS

Formica Golden Glue - Yellow- An excellent yellow woodworking adhesive for bonding all soft or hard woods. It is easily sandable and available in convenient sizes.Product Data Sheet

Formica Golden Glue Exterior Type II - Yellow - A premium internally catalyzed Type 11 adhesive. The crosslinking allows for a moisture resistant bond. The product is ideal for jointing most hard and soft woods.Product Data Sheet