Environmentally Friendly Products

FSC® Abbreviations
Updated 8/19/2013

Proper FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Claims
If you have purchased FSC Certified wood products from Royal Plywood you might see an abbreviated claim in the description. Please reference the information below to clarify the claim on the product you have purchased.

Please note that only FSC Certified items list an FSC Claim in the description.

FSC 100% (replaces FSC Pure)

FSC MX Xx% = FSC Mix Xx%

FSC MXCR = FSC Mix Credit

FSC RCYx% = FSC Recycled x%

FSC RCYCR = FSC Recycled Credit

FSC CW = FSC Controlled Wood

An example might read:
3/4 maple C2 WPF NAUF
FSC MXCR                              which means it is FSC Mix Credit

4/4 cherry rough
FSC 100%                             which means it is FSC 100% (replaces Pure)

3/4 maple CS WPF NAUF
FSC MX 74% or <                 which means it is FSC Mix 74%

If you have specific questions about a claim on your invoice, please contact your salesmen.

Royal Plywood’s controlled wood number is SCS-CW-002089
chain of custody number is SCS-COC-002089

Copies of our Certificate is available on this website