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Fiberboard (MDF): Environmentally Friendly

Fiberboard (MDF) Royal Plywood is the wholesale leader in GREEN products and is proud to carry a large inventory of CARB compliant, NAF and FSC MDF. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is a non-structural, interior product that gives you a smooth hard surface, exceptional machining, and clean sharp edges. Although MDF uses much of the same types of recovered and recycled wood waste as Particleboard, it is refined differently using a high energy refiner that acts like a steam pressurized “digester” allowing the raw material to become softened and to actually change physically and chemically. MDF is an excellent substrate that is very smooth, stable, flat, and offers superior design flexibility. Be sure and contact us regarding any of your LEED projects. We now stock and distribute the following GREEN products.

Links to specific products stocked at Royal Plywood:

Sierra Pine - Arreis
Sierra Pine - Medex
Sierra Pine - Medite II
Sierra Pine - Medite FR
Plum Creek - Glacier Clear
Flakeboard - Vesta

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Recycled Content

Chain of custody # SCS-COC-002089


Thickness: 1/8” through 1-1/2”
Lengths: 6’ through 16’
Widths: 4’ and 5’
Other sizes available

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Sierra Pine
Plum Creek
West Fraser