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Architectural Woodcarving

Art For Everyday
is the leader in original architectural woodcarvings and design. Crafted from North American Hardwoods, designed using the highest craftsmanship and quality.

Choose from our unique selection of over 750 decorative corbels, capitals, moldings, corner posts, island posts, mantels, appliqués, rosettes, columns, custom woodcarvings, and more.

New Art collectionNEW ART COLLECTION
Characterized by clean, contemporary lines, this collection was designed to bring architectural carving detail to even the most modern environment. Drawing inspiration from Art Deco motifs and styling, take note of the subtle detail in the Beveled Arc Series and the curved lines of the Molded Arc Series. CLICK HERE to view the entire New Art Collection.

The most original & uniquely designed collection of architectural woodcarvings available in the world. In this award-winning product line, we were able to marry creativity with technology, making items that look like one-of-a-kind artistic creations in quantity. CLICK HERE to view the entire Modern Classic Collection.

Historically inspired and crafted from the best premium hardwoods, our vast selection of architectural wood carvings appear in the finest custom kitchens. Note our extensive selection of wood corbels and the incredible intricacy of our wood appliqués. CLICK HERE to view the entire Modern Classic Collection.

experienced international master wood carvers respond to the designer's vision with architectural carvings that are elegant, functional, and lasting. Our team will make your projects come to life, creating custom pieces that meet your specifications. We will carve any design you send us, even if it is one of a kind, we will have it scaled and proportioned to your needs. CLICK HERE for additional information.

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Art For Everyday
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Standard
Hardwood Forestry Fund (HFF)
KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program

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Art for Everyday

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