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Hardwood: PLUMA-PLY™ Fire Rated Poplar Panels
Description of item:
Finally, a fire rated veneer core panel that you can laminate to.

PLUMA-PLY™ FR is the ideal product for interior applications that require a fire certified Class A veneer core product and where certain indoor air quality requirements are specified. PLUMAPLY ™ FR is surface sanded before leaving the factory to help prepare the panel for painting or laminating. Ideal for LEED® Projects, Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, Theatres, Offices & Museums. PLUMA-PLY™ FR is a lightweight panel that is FSC certified.

12mm 49x97 and 49x121 Poplar Lightweight FR FSC
18mm 49x97, 49x121, and 61x121 Poplar Lightweight FR FSC
Also available in non-fire rated panels

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