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TFL: Prism

Description of item:
Royal Plywood now offers the new Prism line from Arauco.

Prism is a colorful laminate brand that has real character with a designer-friendly focus. The spectrum of styles and textures will open your eyes to a bright new world of laminates! Authentic to the touch, with the benefits of value and durability, we’re a smart surface that you can love.

Prism’s Exclusive Collection, targeting commercial and residential applications, consists of 54 designs (Woodgrains, Abstracts & Specialty Solids) available only from Prism.



WF236 Ankara Cherry

WF394 Arctic Groovz

WF340 Aria

WF418 Bark Mherge

WF204 Baroque

WF121 Burma Cherry

WF419 Cinder Mherge

WF395 Coffee Groovz

WF393 Concrete Groovz

WF355 Contour White

WF375 Diva

WF356 Driftwood

WF408 Haystack

WF417 Icy Mherge

WF208 Libretti

WF392 Licorice Groovz

WF368 Linear Ash

WF421 Loft Reclamation

WF396 Merapi

WF345 Milltown Oak

WF296 Mochatini

WF406 Noce Como

WF342 Noce Secchia

WF301 Noce Vettore

WF398 Pacaya

AF200 Pewter Frost

WF377 Pewter Pine

WF344 Queenston Oak

WF409 Ranch Gate

WF357 Sandalwood

WF203 Seria

WF122 Silken Maple

WF420 Slate Mherge

WF397 Stromboli

WF422 Studio Reclamation

WF310 Talas Cherry

WF391 Tobacco Groovz

WF294 Vanilla Stix

WF202 Verismo

WF263 Walnut Amati

WF407 Weathered Vane

WF226 Zambukka

WF227 Zhu



AF225 Black Ice

SF237 Charcoal

SF233 Fossil

SF238 Fudge

SF230 Sienna

SF239 Storm

SF231 Umbra



AF225 Black Ice

AF200 Pewter Frost

AF209 Shadow Frost

AF210 Silver Frost

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