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MDO / Sign Panels: Pre-Primed / Pre-Finished

Description of item:
MDO / Sign Panels: Pre-Primed / Pre-FinishedRoyal Plywood distributes Primed MDO which is a thermo-set, acrylic, primer that is applied to 2 step, Douglas Fir/Hemlock plywood. Pre-Primed panels will save you time and labor cost which makes this a very economical panel. It is easily painted because of its smooth and durable surface.

Pre-Finished panels are a satin gloss MDO plywood ready for wide layout digital printers, vinyl letters & paints. They come with a high gloss white finish that is scratch and mar resistant. It has superior weatherablity and comes with a 2 year limited warranty against flaking & peeling.

Thickness: 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”
Lengths: 8’ and 10’
Widths: 4’

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