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Hardboard: Standard, Tempered, Pegboard
Description of item:
HardboardIn a most real sense “hardboard” is hard board. Hardwoods such as aspen, maple, birch and other species are used to produce clean, highly uniform fibers that promote a dimensionally stable, solid core. Natural essential oils are added to promote a highly refined smooth surface on one or two sides of the panel. This tempering, coupled with the natural lignin in the wood provides the superior bond required for fiber stability. There is no added formaldehyde used and negligible VOC. Fiber is processed through an advanced screen system – which practically eliminates rippling, dimples and blemishes on the surface. The result is the ultimate surface for painting, coating and finishing. Panels are made in a standard grade or a more durable tempered grade. Pegboard is available with holes that are 1”oc. For information on plywood with hardboard faces look under the heading of Plyron.

Thickness: 1/8” and 1/4”
Lengths: 6’ through 12’
Widths: 4’ and 5’
Other sizes available

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Arauco Cholguan