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Skatelite Premium Ramp Surface for all Riding Environments
Description of item:
The reality is skaters and BMX riders will find and conquer just about any object made of concrete, plywood or steel but when they want an unreal ride they look for Skatelite. Skatelite blends the right elements of speed, friction, durability and pliability in a premium surface material preferred by the world’s top actions sports athletes.

Skatelite Colors:
Skatelite Pro in Asphalt and Natural color.

Skatelite Regular in Dirt color.

Available Sizes:
In stock in 4x8.  Other sizes are available.
Concrete Form: Skate Ramp Materials

Concrete Form: Skate Ramp Materials

     Concrete Form: Skate Ramp Materials

Skatelite is something city officials, park builders, managers and riders agree upon. Here’s why:

Less Friction: Skatelite is the smoothest riding surface. Reduced friction results in fewer skin abrasions (or ramp rash) common with other surfaces.

Safe Temperature: Metal ramps overheat in direct sunlight and may cause skin burns. Skatelite stays a comfortable temperature in any condition.

Fire Resistant: Skatelite is fire resistant and self extinguishes even under intense flames.

Cleaner Friendly: Skatelite is unaffected by paint thinners and chemicals. It maintains its smooth finish even after the clean up crew removes graffiti.

Maintenance Free: Skatelite is long lasting despite excessive use and punishing weather conditions. If damage is done, the material can easily be replaced.

Note: Painting blue is cool but Not recommended.