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Thermory Wood Decking
Thermory wood decking is a thermally-modified hardwood product made from American Ash.  Thermal modification, an all-natural process developed in Europe, uses heat and steam to enhance wood’s stabilitiy and durability.  This process gives Thermory decking the same resistance to rot and decay as Tropical woods like Ipe and Teak, but is produced from sustainably-harvested American Ash.  Thermory ages to a silver-grey color if left untreated, but it’s deep brown color can be maintained by applying standard deck oil.  Installation is made easier with pre-grooved and end-matched boards and a hidden clip system.

Sizes Available:
1 x 6 (.79” x 5.9”) S4S E4E
5/4 x 6 (1.02” x 5.7”) S4S E4E
Grooved or not-grooved
Hidden Clips-100 per box

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