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Presentations and Education
Royal Plywood offers a range of presentations that focus on educating the audience on the topics that are at the front of our industry. Green building knowledge presentations include rating systems and product choices. We offer answers about environmentally friendly programs such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). We cover how chain of custody ensures the use of sustainable forestry, starting at the level of the forest all the way through to the end user. These one hour presentations are given to the A&D community, contractors, sub-contractors, furniture manufactures, custom cabinet shops, organizations and interest groups. If you are interested please contact your Salesmen or Architectural Consultant.

Presentations for individuals and groups

Arborite Laminate – Bringing global trends like Asian Influence or Cool Earth into your project. Our design presentation will show you “how we make you look good”. Fractured solids that add depth and our Tatami series that helps set the stage are just a few of our featured lines. We will cover how laminate is made and the different applications it can be used for, as well as, what is coming next….

FSC Presentation - An overview of the Forest Stewardship Council and how Chain of Custody works. Who needs to be certified and why? It covers information on the FSC Controlled Wood Standard. We talk about when it pays to market FSC product. Also includes technical information depending on the audience.

LEED Presentation - Covers the main credits that pertain to wood and bio-based building and finish products. Includes information on LEED CI and LEED NC. The credits that are covered in depth include MR 4.1 and MR 4.2 the recycled content credit, MR 6 the rapidly renewable credit, EQ 4.4 the no added urea formaldehyde credit, and MR 7 the FSC wood credit. This presentation is tailored to the specific needs of the audience.

Market Transformation - This was a pilot presentation for the Royal Plywood team. It gives an overview of Market drivers and how these drivers are changing the way we do business. It also includes information on LEED, FSC, and how it all comes together.

CARB – coming soon

Architectural Veneer Presentation - This is one of the many areas we have a lot of industry experience. We talk about how veneer is made and how to select the different grades available. This can be tailored to help on a special project or just to boost the knowledge level of the specifiers.

Specifying Green Products Presentation - This is an excellent presentation for the environmentally aware interior designer or architect. We cover the power of writing a “Green” spec , how it impacts market transformation. We talk about how pricing is affected by demand. We give you the tools to guide an industry by writing good specifications.