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Panasphere Premium Surfaces uses Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)

Royal Plywood has teamed up with Panasphere to introduce you to a well-designed and well-crafted composite wall panel and decorative surfacing materials. Panasphere has carefully developed several authentic and bold yet elegant surface selections featuring natural wood grains, stone surfaces and artistic patterns to enhance interiors, millwork and furniture. Panasphere products are used to enhance high-end hospitality, retail, commercial and selected residential applications.

Panasphere Premium Surfaces uses Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) to create all its premium products. TFL is produced by thermally fusing a sheet of decorative paper directly to a substrate such as MDF or particleboard. Benefits of TFL include:
  • Durable – resistant to scratches and impact
  • Environmentally friendly – uses less resources to produce than HPL
  • Designer and Architect Friendly – any design can be used as the decorative paper
  • Budget Conscious – costs less than HPL to provide the same look and feel
  • Sustainable – using recycled wood products creates an endless supply of raw material

Each of the panels are unique creations that imitate the authentic look and feel of the actual product. We encourage you to touch and feel the products. The Burl product lines are inspired by the natural grains of the real wood to create an authentic match in each of our products. Every small detail is preserved, including the way the wood is cut, and carefully imitated to create A premium Burl surfaces. The Burl products will allow you to bring a piece of nature indoors to any of your interior spaces. The Azure product lines are inspired by modern and architecturally pleasing designs. The Aura product lines create the sophisticated look and feel of stone surfaces for a fraction of the cost of installing the real thing.

Burl composite wood surfaces
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Arusha Wenge
Altai Larch
Pasadena Oak
Sevilla Olive
Tokaj Linden
Vintage Oak
Canyon Holzfailler Oak
Sonoma Oak
Coimbra Ash
East Oak
Brazilian Teak
Rijeka Oak
Omaha Cherry

Aura Stone surfaces
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Emperador Dark
Statuario Venato

Azure original pattern surfaces

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White Leather
Medium Grey Twist
Iron Grey Leather