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Patti Wells Bio
Patti Wells is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited Professional and a Certified Green Building Professional. She is the immediate past Program Chair of the US Green Building Council, Orange County, California and sits on two green committees for the AWFS. She started in our industry in 1996 and has been an advocate for sustainable forestry since 1997. Since she relocated to Southern California in 2003 she has been active in local -market transformation issues, she works with industry leaders to educate and facilitate change in Orange County and surrounding areas. She is employed with Royal Plywood Company and oversees their FSC Certified Program. She spends most days offering technical assistance to our customers and the A&D community.

Some of her past responsibilities include purchasing and selling domestic and exotic hardwoods. While managing a sales staff of six and running the daily operations for a distribution center, she was an integral part or the management team which allowed her to be involved in all aspects of the business. With eleven years of experience in the wood products industry she is ready to take on any challenge.

As a member of the Royal Plywood Team, here are a few areas where Patti can offer her expertise to help you with your specific needs.

Educational Presentations Focusing on: Networking: Architectural and Customer Consultant - Worked with the architectural and design communities to provide information and tools to work within the Green Building rating systems. Providing assistance to customers seeking help with documentation and the details that are a part of the LEED and Build It Green programs.

2008 Speaking Roles - Girl Scout National Meeting- Footprint vs. Environmental Impact of Building. Global Green – Overview of Green Interiors. So Cal Builders Home Show – Do You Know Where Your Wood Comes From? Wood Work Institute – The Cost of Green Building Materials. AWFS, Annual Woodworking Industry Conference – LEED Rating System. LACCN (Lumber Association of California and Nevada)– LEED Rating System.

2007 & 2008 Program Chair - USGBC-OC (United States Green Building Council, Orange County Chapter) Coordinate and Facilitate the Monthly Chapter Event. Including speakers such as Ed Mazria, Ray Andersen, Mike Zatz, Albert Bicole.

Royal Plywood - Began and facilitate a chain of custody program for FSC Certified wood products. Set up, procedures, implementation, training, continuing education.

New Zealand Forest Research Institute - Presentation to Forest owners, farmers and the University Faculty in Christchurch, New Zealand on FSC in the US market encouraging the implementation of sustainable forestry by explaining the opportunity and strategies of selling FSC hardwood lumber in the United States.

2000 EarthSource Forest Products - Facilitated the transition of EcoTimber’s final inventory to EarthSource Forest Products managing the Certified division as a Branch manager for Plywood And Lumber Sales until her move to Southern California in 2003.

1999 Program for Belize – Was part of a group that met with officials in Belize to develop ongoing trade to the United States of FSC Certified Mahogany. Non certified Mahogany was on and off the CITIES list at the time.

1996 Plywood And Lumber Sales – Started in the wood industry as a credit manager. Worked in accounting A/P & A/R for three years. 1997 began working with USDA and brokers to import FSC Certified Mahogany into the United States.

Denise Breitenbucher Bio

Denise Breitenbucher is one of Royal Plywood’s Architectural Consultants and Certified Green Building Professionals with a background of wood products for the past 32 years. Denise started her career in 1976 with Georgia-Pacific and then in 1984 went to work for Weyerhauser. Working with these two leaders in the world of wood, Denise gained both knowledge and experience with building products and the wood industry.

For 13 years Denise was a Mill Representative for Timber Products Co. and Nevemar Decorative Surfaces. Her experience their expanded her knowledge of Hardwood Plywood, Particleboard, MDF, Import Hardwood Plywood, Lumber, Melamine, and Laminates. We believe that Denise has the expertise and experience to serve you, the customer, and introduce you to Royal Plywood and our large range of products.

As a member of the Royal Plywood Team, here are a few areas where Denise can offer her expertise to help you with your specific needs.

Educational Presentations Focusing on :